Paco Rabanne to add Elixir to 1 Million range

Paco Rabanne are adding an Elixir version to its popular men's fragrance line, 1 Million.

1 Million Elixir is created by perfumers Christophe Raynaud (who co-created the original scent) and Quentin Bisch, who according to Paco Rabanne have created in Elixir, "a richer, deeper concentration than any other fragrance in the 1 Million range."

The company add:

This is an intoxicating blend, deep and addictive, that infuses rich floral-fruity notes into the very finest matières. A “grand cru” that vibrates with the contrast of the warm vanilla infused woods - and the more liquorous davana.​
The top notes of natural sweet apple oil and the first hints of the Davana leaves, immediately enveloping and rich, make for a direct introduction to the bold and distinctive blend.​
At the heart, hand-picked ingredients - the very best Turkish Rose and Osmanthus, a floral with leathery, apricot notes - and wild grown tonka beans, are part of the reason why this masterpiece composition stands out by the supreme quality of the fragrance.​
For the dry down notes, the sensual liquorous Davana lingers, vibrating with the precious extractions of patchouli and cedar wood oil distillations, and black vanilla seed pods.​

1 Million Elixir is available as 100ml, from January 2022.
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Okay sign me up! That note breakdown sounds amazing. What I find interesting is that mens scents have gone from eau de parfum to parfum and now are beyond parfum to elixirs.

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