Ormonde Jayne create limited edition Snapshots collection for Selfridges

London perfumery, Ormonde Jayne, have created a trio of scents for UK department store, Selfridges. The collection is called 'Snapshots' and consists of 1909, 1984 and 2019, which each represent years that celebrate various events in the history of the Selfridges company. Ormonde Jayne say "This trilogy of perfumes shows you how to be beautifully fragrant, Selfridges-style. Each era of Selfridges is a distinct nostalgic encounter and affects the wearer differently."

Ormonde Jayne founder, Linda Pilkington, says "Selfridges will always represent a significant chapter in my life story. When I arrived in London, I shopped there daily, especially at the Food Hall and shortly afterwards I was working in store as my first job in London.Snapshots of Selfridges touches my life in a very personal way with three aspects standing out for me: who was the visionary behind this extraordinary store, his aspirations and how he brought it all to life? What was the idea behind the bold bright yellow carrier bag? (an aspect I can relate to, making orange the epitome of Ormonde Jayne) and the daily theatricals with actors scurrying around to prepare for a new launch creating such excitement, passion and drama... nothing compares."


"With an innate understanding of publicity, innovation and a creative flair for the theatrical, [Harry Selfridge's] dream store opens in 1909 with a promise to amaze, amuse and nourish the imagination."

"1909, the perfume pays homage to the legendary and iconic store and is focused on a smooth tenacious sandalwood, in-keeping with the grand beautifully carved wooden cabinets filled to the brim with luxurious artefacts. Highlighted with a radiant grapefruit top note to emphasize the sparkling crystal chandeliers and positivity of the store."

Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, Sandalore, cardamon, labdanum Suede and sandalwood


"[Harry Selfridge] commissioned [a yellow rose] for the store’s 75th anniversary. This rose variant was first planted in 1984 at a sentimental spot in Hyde Park and named 'The Emblem of the House of Selfridge'"

"1984 the perfume, like H.G. himself, is a celebration of boldness and unbridled ambition. Wear it to feel unstoppable, confident and ready to take on whatever the world throws your way. The rose accord is at the heart of the perfume and warm notes of sensual amber and musk create a rich, alluring finish that lingers on the skin, inviting you to indulge into the world of luxury."

Notes: Pink pepper, blackcurrant, nutmeg, Rose absolute, Jasmine, amber, incense, Vanilla absolute, benzoin and musk


In 2019, Selfridges opened a three-screen theatre in its flagship store. "The first store to light up its windows at night, drawing in the crowds like true theatre"

"2019, the perfume is a fusion of Ormonde Jayne’s palate with Selfridges creativity - a burst of bright citrus and floral notes, evoking the buzz of excitement that permeated the air when Selfridges first opened its doors. As the fragrance settles, the floral heart of a delicate jasmine are grounded with a deep woody note of sandalwood adding a touch of strength."

Notes: Mandarin, bergamot, freesia, Jasmine absolute, Sandalwood, musk and vanilla absolute.

All three fragrances are available exclusively to Selfridges.
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Will definitely consider exploring these Selftidges exclusives the next time I place an order with the store.

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