Olfactive Studio create Dancing Light with Sidonie Lancesseur

Dancing Light is the latest fragrance from Olfactive Studio. The scent is inspired by a photograph of the Northern Lights by Norwegian photographer, Frøydis Dalheim, and created by perfumer, Sidonie Lancesseur.

The company say of the fragrance:

"It is a unique ethereal spectacle at the far end of the world: an aurora borealis. This extraordinary natural phenomenon inspired the creation of Olfactive Studio's new fragrance Dancing Light. To celebrate these luminous waves with emerald hues that twirl in the air, natural materials are given pride of place: jasmine, neroli, freesia, sandalwood, cedar, and cardamom. The tangible presence of the world and its botanical and floral authenticity was needed to echo this spontaneous manifestation. A link between heaven and earth.

Dancing Light appears in a pristine breath of snow-colored flowers. Almost icy."

Dancing Light will be available from April 2022.
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