New soliflore from House of Matriarch - Mother of all Roses

House of Matriarch have launched a new rose-based soliflore called Mother of all Roses. Perfumer Christi Meshell was inspired by a particular rose in the Portland Rose Garden that her family would visit for Mother's Day picnics when she was a child.

Like mother like daughter, an exuberant Christi would return to greet her favorite roses each year - especially the dinner-plate sized, creamy blossoms with black pepper tones and fruity highlights. Here she shares the delightful aroma of that rose with you.
Notes include White rose oil, Taif rose water, Rose apothecary, Wild rose absolute, rose petals, rose leaf, rose wax tincture, rose attar, and bakhoor extract.

A limited number of 100ml bottles are being offered for the debut of the 2023 vintage. Available now at the House of Matriarch website.
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Wow! The 100ml comes with a hefty $560 price tag, I suppose that's because it's a limited edition.

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