Folkwinds is a new perfume brand that intends to highlight North American made aromatic materials, designs, and artwork; creating scent-scapes that capture the great beauty of North America, using primarily natural, American-sourced materials. The perfumes have been created by Jono Bornstein, who you may know as Basenotes member @JonoBorneo

All bottles come wrapped in custom bandanas; designed, woven, and printed in the United States. The caps are made from solid Stainless Steel, and the patches are woven in Pennsylvania. Each individual part of our presentation is designed to outlast the perfume inside the bottle, and can be repurposed in your life.

The three initial fragrances, which are over 90% natural, are Santa Ana, American Pharaoh and Cloud Illusions.

Santi Ana​

Summer transitions to fall on the East Coast. Smell the flowers; grab a cider donut. A chypre in a minor key. A sea chanty of Mint, Honeysuckle, White Ambergris, Beach Rose, Hay, Laitris, Tobacco, Santalol, Spices and Caramel Apples.
Hand made with Vermont apple cider/sandalwood co-absolute, North American beach rose otto, and Canadian propolis.

American Pharaoh​

The triple crown winner. Cherry-laced whiskey, tobacco-laced orris and musk-laced vanilla.
Hand made with Michigan cherry-wine absolute, Mexican vanilla, black ambergris/sandalwood co-absolute, North American muskrat musk, rose damask absolute, Mongolian deer musk, Virginian tobacco absolute, Virginian cedar absolute, vintage musk ambrette and Carolina reaper CO2.

Cloud Illusions​

A day spent dreaming. A hike in the mountains. Blue wind.
Iris, Maine blueberries, white ambergris, blue cypress, Hawaiian sandalwood, Oregon mint, musk
Hand made with Maine blueberry/Hubba-Bubba-bubblegum co-fermented absolute, vintage orris tincture and American orris butter.

You can find out more at the Folkwinds website and join the discussion on this forum thread here.