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Andy Tauer's latest fragrance is Sundowner. The inspiration for the new fragrance came "by awe-inspiring moments when the sun reaches the horizon. Imagine sitting on the terrace on Elephantine Island in the middle of the river Nile near Aswan, enjoying the warmth of the evening sun, with your cocktail glass bursting in orange glitter. There is tobacco in the air. The sun disappears behind the horizon and the air is freshening up with cozy woody sweetness"

Notes for the fragrance include citrus sparkles, cinnamon, rose, cocoa, tobacco, cyprio, sandalwood, tonka, ambergris and vanilla.

Sundowner is available now on the Tauer website and LuckyScent.
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At the first sniff it comes to me as a great amber fragrance, reminded me of L'Ambre de Carthage by Isabey. 10 minutes later, it became something totally different thing: Cinnamon, Cocoa, and other sparkling colorful notes are eating up the amber warmth and turning it into a real sundowner.

The term sundowner, by the way, relates to a cocktail/drink taken in the evening, while the sun is glowing down. In Germany and Switzerland, we use the term that way and is not known to be connected with dementia here.
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