New: Chocolate bars based on Ayala Moriel's Espionage, Guilt and Roses et Chocolat fragrances

Chocolate loving fragrance geeks can now get their hands on three chocolate bars, which are inspired by three of Ayala Moriel's fragrances: Espionage, Guilt and Roses et Chocolat. The fine Belgian dark chocolate bars were created by chocolatiere Rachel Sawatzky of CocoaNymph.

  • Espionage (64% cocoa with smoked salt, jasmine & juniper)
  • Guilt (64% cocoa with orange blossom, blood orange & wild oranges)
  • Roses et Chocolat (72% cocoa with rose, saffron & chilli).

These chocolates are now on 3 for the price of 2 - for this weekend only. Ayala will also send a scented chocolate bar with every order over $100 (excluding samples).
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