New Book: Quintessentially Perfume

Quintessentially Publishing have launched a new perfume book entitled Quintessentially Perfume. The book was compiled by perfume expert, Nathalie Grainger, and Roja Dove acted as creative director. The book features profiles on a range of brands, interviews with perfumers and general perfume articles, with contributions from Chandler Burr, Josephine Fairley and more.

Amongst the interviewees featured in the book are: Camille Goutal & Isabelle Doyen, Jean-François Latty, Bertrand Duchaufour, Linda Pilkington, Thorsten Biehl, Olivia Giacobetti and Geza Schoen.
Below is a short clip from the Quintessentially website, where Grainger talks a little about the book, and you have the chance to see some of the inside.

Quintessentially Perfume is available to buy at, Amazon, Avery and R.D.Franks. Senteurs d'Ailleurs in Brussels will be stocking it from the 3rd week in June.
We will be featuring a review shortly.
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