Fragrance houses large and small are, quite rightly, turning their attention to producing items such as hand sanitiser rather than their usual fine fragrance, in order to help with the current health crisis.

Miller Harris is partnering with Age UK in a ‘Let's get soap moving!' campaign, whilst urging other businesses who can help to join them.

CEO Sarah Rotherham said last week:

As a brand we will be donating our entire stock of hand wash, hand lotion and soaps to those most vulnerable in the UK. Our soaps will leave the warehouse tomorrow to reach the elderly and we are asking other brands to join us. It will be a sin if soap is sat in warehouses rather than reaching people where it can be of some help.

Sarah is asking other small businesses to get in touch.  She says: "If others join us, we can make a much bigger difference. Our larger beauty colleagues are generously giving to hospitals and assisting governments and often as a small brand we can feel that it is hard to make a difference. Collectively we can have a huge impact."

If you think you can help, contact Emma, Laurel and SJ via marketing [at] millerharris [dot] com