LIVE: We're reporting live from Scratch + Sniff tonight.

Tonight, we're going to be reporting live from Scratch + Sniff, the monthly meetup for London's scent heads. This evening's sold-out fragrant extravaganza is based on the theme of A Scented Journey Around the World and is hosted by Les Senteurs', James Craven and Scratch + Sniff founder Odette Toilette (aka Lizzie Ostrom). We will be updating this page throughout the evening, so refresh and see what is happening, Live! You can also follow the action on Twitter.

If you are going to the event, please use the hashtag #scratchnsniff (that's scratch n sniff, with no spaces), and for those of you not attending you'll also be able to follow the tag too. Twitterers may also want to follow @basenotes, @persolaise, @odettetoilette and @get_lippie, who will also be at tonight's event.

Live Report...

15:50 I'm here ridiculously early at the venue, but thought it would be a good opportunity to write the introductory blurb, and catch up on my emails. I'm looking forward to tonight's S+S - one of the fun elements of tonight is a swap club where people can bring the unloved fragrances they got over the holidays and trade them for something else. A part of me fears it's going to be full of Body Shop White Musk, Lynx and the perfume from the girl that won Big Brother. We'll see...

Right, I'm going to order another coffee, listen to the music of The Book Club (currently Morcheeba, nice!) and I'll see you this evening!

17:00 Out of about 10 laptops in here, I'm the only one without a glowing apple on the front of it! :(

19:47 We're just about to start, just waiting for a few attendees to get back from the bar - I'm sitting here next to the lovely Claire from Les Senteurs. Lizzie is onstage now talking about Scratch + Sniff and welcoming newcomers.

19:50 Lots of people have brought perfumes to swap for the "perfume swap shop extravaganza". Some lucky person will win Kerry Katona's fragrance. nice. Lizzie is introducing the perfume archivist, James Craven from Les Sentuers who are supplying the samples this evening.

19:51 Lizzie is talking about how you can use fragrance to transport you back to somewhere else.

19:53 James is on stage now, we are going to be travelling to two places - the first destination is Morocco - and we are being handed samples of L'Air Du Desert Marocain (surprise!). James is describing some of the history of Morocco.

Don't forget to follow the hashtag #scratchnsniff for live tweets from @persolaise and @get_lippie.

20:00 James is describing some of the scents that people may associate with travelling to Morocco and other places (see Persolaise's tweet here). We are trying the first fragrance, Harmatan Noir by Parfumerie Generale. James is evoking a picture of the fragrance.

Second scent is Andy Tauer's L'Air Du Desert Marocain. James is describing some of the ingredients in the scent.

20:09 The event also is being partly recorded on an iPhone, so you may get to see some of this soon.

James feels that the fragrance evokes the masculine side of Morocco. Thoughts from the audience: wearable, would where to bed, vicks vapor rub, wintery, narcotic, spicy, would make you faint if you wore it in heat....

Next stop : 1980's Moscow. (time travelling too). Next scent is Cuir Venenum / Parfumerie Generale. James is talking about the smells of Moscow when he visited in that era. Scent of Russian cigarettes, diesel fumes, and other smells.

James is describing the fragrance: fur, orange, 'a shut-in scent', sulphur, myrrh...

20:25 The audience are divided on whether they like it or not. a few say they would wear it (alluring, sexy, mysterious)... Some are put off by it

Off for a break now - see you all soon!

20:55 Lizzie is introducing the second half. Some pics of the swap shop will be up later, as well as some other pics.

Each table has been given four mystery fragrances... We are being shown slides of Bengal, Kyoto, The Alps and Java - We have to match the fragrances up. Everyone is being given some time to try the fragrances out, so I'm going to upload some pics. (Below: unloved swap, the swap club, and several pics of attendees...)

21:25 We're back. Number 1 perfume - most people think its either Kyoto or Alps - turns out that James and Lizzie chose Kyoto for this scent. Audience are describing it as citrussy - James says it's based around Yuzu (Japapese Citrus fruit), bamboo...

The people that thought it was Alps, was due to its cleanliness. The fragrance is revealed as Yuzu Fou - Parfum d'Empire.

21:32 Number 2: Audience is pretty much all choosing Bengal, one gone for alps due to piney top note. A few for Java due to spiciness. Revealed as being Bengal -- Parfum d'Empire Fougere Bengale.

Persolaise has had to catch train, but follow @get_lippie for more S+S tweets

21:36 Many are choosing Alps for No.3, which is revealed as Alpona - Caron

21:40 Scent 4, by process of elimination must be Java. Just waiting to find which fragrance it is...

21:42 It's Annick Goutal - Matin D'Orage

21:47 Lizzie/Odette is thanking James, audience are applauding Mr Craven for his presenting. All being rounded up -- Lizzie is announcing upcoming events - The next is Valentine's Day "Scent & Decadence" and on 22nd Feb "Male Identity and Scent"... April is Scent & Music, and May is Scent & Texture.

See you all soon, I'm off on the train back to Basenotes Towers with a Penguin Bar for dinner...

If you want to find out more about Scratch + Sniff, you can check out this Guardian article or visit the Scratch + Sniff website for upcoming events! You can buy the fragrances tested from Les Senteurs.
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