Latest Tom Ford Private Blend is Ébène Fumé

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Tom Ford has added Ébène Fumé to its Private Blend line. Ford says “I wanted a scent that captures a meditative feeling. Ébène Fumé has an almost spiritual sensuality that uplifts your mood...which might be the most seductive indulgence of all.”

"Ébène Fumé, merging the ancient purifying essence of Palo Santo with sensuous notes of African ebony wood – arousing a calm, enlightened luxury. Grounded in the sacred ritual of Palo Santo, the scent evokes a transcendent, centring aura amidst heated woods, fresh herbs, mesmerising resins and opulent blooms."​

The core of Ébène Fumé smoulders with leathery notes, expressed through the dry wood undertones of cade essence and the resin of cistus absolute Spain orpur. Papyrus essence and floral notes mingle with roses, while notes of African ebony wood sits with leather and resins. Stoking the African ebony aroma is the warm, smoky scent of guaiacwood and balsamic naturals.

The Ébène Fumé fragrance is contained in a clear Private Blend bottle and a translucent, mahogany cap. The 50ml flacon is capped with a gold-tone metal inset. The 250ml decanter has a gold-tone mahogany plaque and gold-tone charm for the neck of the bottle.

In the UK, Ébène Fumé will be available at Harrod's exclusively from 15th November, and nationally from 31th November. In the US, the scent is available from Macy's
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The packaging looks so good I want to try it even though I don't usually get excited about Tom Ford fragrances.
I might change my mind and try it at Macys just to say I tried it although I never get excited about this house.
Sorry, the IFRA regulations ruined the Tom Ford Private Blend for me, as they did quite a bit of damage to Tuscan Leather and Tobacco Vanille.

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