There are so many interesting indie perfume brands around, so we're starting a new feature, Indie Perfume Brand Spotlight, where each week we will question different brands to find out more about their brand and the people behind it. First up, Gagen and Srivathsa from Parfums Karmic Hues

About You​

Tell us who you are?​

Parfums Karmic Hues is an artisanal Indie perfume house founded in 2020 by Gagen (right) and perfumer Srivathsa (left) in New Jersey. Our longstanding passion for fragrances has given us a deep understanding and appreciation of how true aficionados treat perfume. In this vein, we carefully craft our scents. All our perfumes are made in small batches.

How did you get into the perfume industry?​

Our story begins with co-founder and perfumer Srivathsa. He was exposed to perfumes at a young age as his beloved father had a great fondness for fragrances. He grew up as a man of passion who generates true satisfaction through self-creation. Thus what began as a huge perfume collection steadily gave way to research and development. Starting from relatively modest means and over time expanding to increasingly rare and intricate ingredients, Sriv steadily honed his abilities. In this most recent effort his compositions aim to capture nature's rawness and elicit subconscious memories from those who cross their path. Our other co-founder Gagen (born and brought up in Syracuse, NY), though a relative novice to perfume, has known Srivathsa for years, and shares similar interests in film, nature and most recently perfumes. This collaboration gave way to the launch of our brand.

What was the first perfume you ever purchased?​

Srivathsa: Davidoff Cool Water
Gagen: Calvin Klein Eternity

What is your favourite meal?​

Srivathsa : A spicy vegetarian Indian lunch or a quick meal at Chipotle.
Gagen : Pizza

Where is your favourite place?​

Srivathsa: New York City, NY
Gagen: Florence, Italy

Do you have an interesting party trick or any hidden talents?​

Srivathsa: Also a hobbyist art film maker, film critic and analog/digital photography enthusiast
Gagen: A jack of all trades but a master of none; retains a plethora of random knowledge and interesting facts

Who would play you in a film of your life?​

Srivathsa: Cilian Murphy, perhaps
Gagen: Bradley Cooper

About your Brand​

Describe your brand in one sentence.​

A brand creating unique perfumes, inspired by ideas, stories and memories

Where does the name of your brand come from?​

We believe in the concept of Karma and its shades on our life; Hence Parfums Karmic Hues

Who are your perfume for?​

For perfume lovers who seek adventure in this art, we would like to have altogether a new experience (a new ambience that would form a unique memory), while sniffing our perfumes. Our perfumes are meant to tell stories and transplant you into new space.

Tell us about your latest perfume.​

Our latest perfume release was Rashomon Vol I and II. For this collection we used a variety of olfactory families in order to invoke the “Rashomon” effect (different perspectives as in the 1950 film of the same name), which is to provide a unique subjective olfactory experience to each individual. Both fragrances feature similar notes, yet divulge in their application. Our upcoming collection, Americana, is inspired by the Americas, the old west, American tradition, lifestyles and more. The first two perfumes in this collection that may be released towards the end of the year will be based on the old landscapes of the Wyoming region and another based on the women of the Old West. They’ve come up quite well. There will be more in this collection next year.


If someone wanted to try your fragrances, which one would you recommend they try first and why?​

We believe “Ushira” is a good place to start, because it is representative of the quality and uniqueness of our brand. This particular fragrance has also quickly become our best seller.

What challenges do you want to overcome for your brand?​

There are quite a number of wonderful new Indie brands out in the market and a lot of upcoming ones as well. We would like to make a mark amongst them and differentiate ourselves in a large market.

Additionally, we have been looking to expand our brand to other countries of the world and this has been quite challenging due to both regional regulatory requirements and additional factors that come into play while distributing far from home. Nonetheless, we are determined and are working through these challenges actively.

What is unique about your brand?​

Parfums Karmic Hues perfumes are based on a certain distinctive idea behind each collection; Each perfume is created with a conviction that it shouldn't smell like anything made before. For instance, our first collection with four perfumes, “The Cosmic Balance',' reflects the rawness of nature. The second one, “Rashomon”, consists of two perfumes that have almost identical ingredients but with divulge in their application. Our uniqueness in large part is fueled by our efforts to create something new and exciting, paired with the fact that all of our fragrances are influenced by our own lives and interests.

You can find out more about Parfums Karmic Hues on their website