Basenotes Version 9 (2013)

After we came back home to proper Basenotes, I needed to get to work on a few things. By this point, over half of our visitors were looking at the site on a phone. And we really wasn't cut out for that.

The software we were using for the forums (vBulletin 4) had a mobile skin, but it was really, really bad. Ideally I needed to learn how to make the site responsive to whichever screen it was viewed on.

So I recoded all the directory stuff again. I'm going to show pictures, even though this version of the site is, for most of you, what Basenotes has always looked like. One day it will look weird though, so here are the pics! (and we finally replaced that pic of Burberry Touch)






We stayed on this version of the site far longer than we should have. It seemed such a big job to move to a new platform, I kept putting it off. Then a pandemic hit, and that delayed things... but finally we are here. Basenotes Version 10
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