Basenotes Version 7 (2010)

With a new version of vBulletin out, and the database script getting a bit tired, it was time for me to learn PHP, and work out what the deal was with MySQL databases.

So, I ordered some books on PHP, and basically lived on StackOverflow (a website geeks use to find out how to do anything at all).

I thought I'd start small, and code one small feature in PHP, to get my head round it. Twitter had launched a few years ago, and was starting to become big. What if I replicated Twitter? But instead of people talking about anything, it logged their Scent of the Day.

So, the SOTD feature was the first thing I coded in PHP, and the code remained pretty much unchanged until we moved to this site. This is why the page always took so bloody long to load, as I basically didn't know what I was doing!

I eventually re-coded all the fragrance database with PHP, and a MySQL database.

Here is Basenotes Version 7:





At this point the site was busier than ever, and the site kept crashing.




The previous year, I'd had an email from this new start-up that aimed to modernise forums. The deal was, they'd look after the business and tech side of things, and I'd be left to get on with running the site. I told them no.

But the site kept crashing, and I needed to do something.

In 2011, the founder of this new start-up was coming to London and wanted to meet me. This seemed like it could be the answer to all of the problems. I could let someone else worry about the server, and all that ad sales stuff I was so rubbish at...

What could go wrong?
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