Basenotes Version 3 (2003)

If people could log-in to the site, they could add their own reviews, and maybe keep a list of fragrances they owned.

Now was the time to ditch Yahoo! Groups and bring the discussion to the site itself. This way I could hijack the log-in system from the forum software and use that for my own gain! (a trick we still do to this day!)

So, a new site was coded, but for some reason lost in the depths of time, I wasn't able to transfer the domain name to it. So, I did what anyone with no regard for search engine rankings, would do. I thought Sod it! It can just be for now, and I'll switch back to .com in a few weeks. (Spoiler: we didn't)

Introducing Basenotes Version 3. Now with the ability to add your own reviews!


Here's that Burberry Touch page, that I like to keep showing you:


And the Forums are now fully on-site. Here is a little look at what people were talking about way back in 2003...


Oh surprise, surprise... Creed

One thing to note, if you look at the top right corner, you can see a tab for Basenotes, and a tab for something called Perfume Review.

What was Perfume Review you ask?

This was Perfume Review:



Basenotes was getting a sister-site for women's perfumes! Let's see how this goes shall, we...