Guerlain revamps Aqua Allegoria collection and launches new scent - Nerolia Vetiver

Guerlain launched the Aqua Allegoria line in 1999, with five fragrances, inspired by gardens all around the world: Rosa Magnifica, Ylang & Vanille, Herba Fresca, Lavande Velours and Pamplelune. This year the company are making the collection the spearhead of the brands sustainable values. The iconic bee bottle is now made from 15% recycled glass and is refillable.

The alcohol used for the fragrance is from organic farming in the area of Chatres in France. "The House has made this conscious choice for this collection, which will be extended progressively to the House’s other fragrances. The greatest challenge is to support our suppliers of beetroot alcohol in the transition from conventional agriculture to more environmentally friendly agriculture practices that meets the most demanding standards."

Guerlain have added Neroli Vetiver to the Aqua Allegoria line, created by in-house perfumers, Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk. Jelk says “We designed the fragrance around this very green, very floral, truly delicious Calabrian neroli.” – additional notes include bergamot, petitgrain, basil, fig and the titular vetiver.

Nerolia Vetiver is available in 75ml and 125ml, plus a 200ml refill.
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I am very excited for the Neroli Vetiver and can't wait until I can test it - I'm having big hopes for it. I don't really like neroli, but I do love vetiver and Aqua Allegoria citruses, so I'm hoping for a lovely scent.

I'm not too excited about the repackaging and a price hike that comes with it. I do not care about refillable bottles not only because they theoretically might be more prone for evaporation/spoiling, but also I don't think they're that much better for the nature - they must be in some kind of packaging anyway, even if their more generic packaging is easier and cheaper for company to produce. :)
I am interested in trying Neroli Vetiver also. My all-time favorite from this Guerlain line is Grosellina which unfortunately was discontinued years back. It was so juicy and fruity and wholesome. Just wonderful.

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