Gold Spot - Sarah Baker's new fragrance inspired by Golden Age of Hollywood

The newest fragrance from Sarah Baker is Gold Spot. The scent looks to the gilded heyday of Hollywood as its primary inspiration. The gold spot is what technicians of cinematic lighting call that perfect spotlight that makes every Hollywood star literally glow.

Gold Spot is the third in the trilogy of oud-based fragrances (after Loudo and Symmetry) created for the house by nose Chris Maurice, using a bespoke composition of orange blossom, cypriol, and 100% natural Laotian oud and Suyufi agarwood tinctured by the perfumer. Additional notes include bergamot, butterscotch, dark chocolate, musk, amber, vanilla and sweet myrrh.

Gold Spot is available now from the Sarah Baker website.

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This one sounds interesting. Might give this a try if I have a chance to come across it.

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