Available now from Fréderic Malle is Roses : A Collection – a coffret featuring five of the brand's interpretations of the popular floral note.

The company say:

"Rose is to perfumery what the nude is to drawing.” Whether pure, futuristic, sophisticated, synthetic - or created from an orgy of natural ingredients, each perfumer has his, or her, own interpretation of this flower, perfumery's most conceptual theme.

The set features 75ml bottles of the following fragrances:

Lipstick Rose (2000, Ralf Schwieger): "Vintage Hollywood glamour. A star's moment of privacy at her dressing table with her lipstick, which she spreads carefully onto her lower lip"

Portrait of a Lady (2010, Dominique Ropion): "At the fore, an exuberant dose of Turkish rose — 400 flowers per 100ml bottle, no less. Beneath, a bed of patchouli heart imbued with sandalwood and frankincense."

Promise (2017, Dominique Ropion): "Frédéric Malle celebrates this principle with a promise of his own, whose beating heart is made of two precious varieties of rose: rose essence from Bulgaria and rose absolute from Turkey are lifted by apple, pink pepper and clove, and bound to a sensuous base of patchouli, cypriol and labdanum"

Rose & Cuir (2019, Jean-Claude Ellena) : "At the fore, an emphatic reinterpretation of rose; pure, streamlined, uncompromisingly modern. Blended with a unique extraction of timut pepper, geranium bourbon and a note of cassis for freshness and spice. Yet a quiet storm lies beneath: vetiver and cedar forms an earthy bed of dark, mysterious leather with Isobutyl Quinoline at the centre – an intensely bitter molecule, largely forgotten since its use in the daring perfumery of the Jazz Age."

Un Rose (2003, Edouard Flechier) : "An earthy rose is tinged with Périgord truffle for a subtle taste of the gothic. This crimson femininity is bound by wine dreg to a darker base, the rose's secret roots."

Roses: A Collection is available now.