Firmenich have launched the Firgood collection, a brand new range of 100% natural extracts obtained by a new, sustainable extraction technology.

Gilbert Ghostine, CEO of Firmenich says of their new proprietary technology:

"This advanced and highly sustainable technology is a revolution for natural ingredients in our industry. It opens new creative territories, unexplored until now. The development of this brand-new industrial facility in our Naturals Center of Excellence in Grasse reinforces our continued leadership in naturals."

The Firgood technology uses only the water that is an inherent part of the biomass cells.  Once warmed up by electromagnetic vibration, the water carries the odorant components, to yield the final pure extract.

The company say that this technique is more environmentally friendly than any other extraction method. Solvent-free, dry biomasses only require water humidification, while low energy consumption is an added benefit of the process. In addition, the waste produced is clean and can easily be upcycled, reinforcing the sustainable value of this pure extraction.

"We have successfully scaled-up from lab and pilot plant to two industrial lines, offering production capacity that ranges from hundreds of kilograms to several tons of primary extracts," added Boet Brinkgreve, President, Ingredients. "Today, a pear Firgood, a ginger Firgood and a green bell pepper Firgood are part of the Firmenich creative Perfumery palette, and in the coming months we will introduce 10 additional ingredients followed by a rich pipeline of future launches for both Perfumery and Taste applications."