Esxence 2014 : Everything Else... (part two)

Here's the last round up of our coverage from Esxence featuring Nose, Masque, Jovoy, the relaunch of Le Galion and Naomi Goodsir.


All of our previous coverage can be found here.


Paris perfumery Nose were showing their diagnostic fragrance technology.


Jovoy's latest is L'Art de la Guerre - notes include bergamot, rhubarb, violet leaf, nutmeg, oak moss, sandalwood and leather.


Masque were showing their fragrance, including last year's Tango - created by perfumer Cécile Zarokian.


Le Galion is an old house that is being relaunched at Esxence. The company was founded by Prince Murat and acquired by perfumer Paul Vacher (Arpege, Diorling) in 1935. In the Eighties the brand was acquired by a US company, but the company died. Now the brand is being relaunched with nine fragrances from its archives: Sortilège (1937), Snob (1952), Iris (1937), Tubéreuse (1937), La Rose (1950), Special for Gentleman (1947), Whip (1953), Eau Noble (1972) and finally, 222 - a fragrance that was originally created in the early thirties but never launched.


Naomi Goodsir introduced her third fragrance Or du Sérail a tobacco/fig scent created by Bertrand Duchaufour.


There are many new fragrances shown at Esxence that we haven't featured in our round-ups, but we will be covering those in separate news stories throughout the coming weeks.

See you in Milan next year!
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