Dries van Noten launches fragrance brand

Belgian fashion designer, Dries van Noten, has launched a fragrance collection consisting of ten new fragrances. Puig acquired the fashion brand in 2018, so a fragrance line looked inevitable.

“We started quite immediately exchanging ideas and working on concepts,” van Noten told WWD. “I don’t go for the easy way. As I make garments for a lot of different types of people, it would be strange to do a dictate of perfume, that you say: ‘This is the only smell.’ I wanted really to have quite a range.”

The range of ten fragrances come in distinctive styled refillable bottles and the brand worked with a range of perfumers.

Jardin De L'Orangerie

“A beautiful duality of nature-inspired orange blossom with the contrast of sweet,opulent, milky, mature orange blossom; this flower can express so many different faces.” — DANIELA ANDRIER

Top Note: Neroli Buds
Heart Note: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang
Base Note: Orange Blossom Milk, Sandalwood

Neon Garden

“I wanted to express unconventional classicism through using orris, from iris root, which is so elegant and haute couture. But I wanted to shake it, to heckle it, with the energy of mint.” — FANNY BAL

Top Note: Mint Essence Duo (Spearmint & Peppermint)
Heart Note: Carrot Heart, Iris Accord
Base Note: Musk, Ambroxan

Rosa Carnivora

“This is nature: unfiltered, with all its little flaws. This rose is not romantic: it is strangely beautiful, real, imperfect and ambiguous.” — DAPHNE BUGEY

Top Note: Pink Pepper, Rose
Heart Note: Vetiver, Floral Bouquet
Base Note: Patchouli, Cistus

Raving Rose

“The rose is an icon for Dries but I wanted to disrupt its classicism to create a rose that is not a rose, not taking itself too seriously, ultra-modern and spicy.” — LOUISE TURNER

Top Note: Pink Pepper, Black Pepper
Heart Note: Rosa Water, Rose Absolute
Base Note: Cashmeran, Musk

Cannabis Patchouli

“In Dries world, antagonistic elements are combined to create surprise. This fragrance is like a light and dark olfactive pattern of fresh green leaves of clary sage aromatics rubbing against the woody leaves of patchouli.” — NICOLAS BONNEVILLE

Top Note: Bergamot, Cedar Leaves
Heart Note: Sage Incense, Patchouli
Base Note: Vetiver, Musk

Santal Greenery

“The union of two opposites, yet perfectly and poetically balanced: resilient sandalwood with the lively, green leaf of fig - the everlasting and the ephemeral together.” — NISRINE GRILLIE

Top Note: Bergamot, Grapefruit
Heart Note: Violet Leaves, Creamy Fig Accord
Base Note: Sandalwood , White Musk

Voodoo Chile

“I was inspired by the iconic Jimi Hendrix track. Rosemary and patchouli are the opposite forces in action here but the rosemary – like Hendrix’s guitar - is distorted to make it hot and dense.” — NICOLAS BEAULIEU

Top Note: Cannabis Accord, Rosemary
Heart Note: Lentisque, Patchouli
Base Note: Cedarwood, Sandalwood Essence

Rock The Myrrh

“Inspired by the Parisian boutique, with its elegant and precious textures, and its eclectic and mystical atmosphere, an overdose of myrrh is joined by resins of benzoin and cistus dressed up with cypress and pink pepper.” — AMELIE JACQUIN

Top Note: Cypress, Pink Pepper
Heart Note: Myrrh, Patchouli
Base Note: Suede, Benzoin

Fleur Du Mal

“I wanted to create a perfume of contrast using osmanthus which has a duality and unexpected quality. It appears innocent but it can be very sensual, almost animalic; this flower, that seems to be an angel, can turn devilish.” — QUENTIN BISCH

Top Note: Peach Juice
Heart Note: Osmanthus, Jasmine
Base Note: Suede, Amber

Soie Malaquais

“I fell in love with Dries’ silk dresses in his Quai Malaquais boutique. The texture was so fluid it merged with the skin, which gave me the idea for a silky, enveloping perfume, a mix of chestnut with sensual vanilla.” — MARIE SALAMAGNE

Top Note: Bergamot, Blackcurrant
Heart Note: Rose, Silk
Base Note: Chestnut, Cocoa

The line is available from today from Dries van Noten’s website and stores. €149 for 100ml bottle, and €290 for a 200ml refill.
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Just purchased these 10 earlier today and am looking forward to getting them in the next two days. I am particularly interested in cannabis patchouli, vodoo chile and rock myrrh.
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Pretty and artistic. I wonder who designed the bottles.

I just did a little quick research on this and learned: "That approach is mirrored in the packaging of the bottles, which juxtapose patterns drawn directly from Van Noten’s print collection to visualise the essence of each fragrance. " So their designed from his own fabric patterns. And he also released a line of lipsticks that are similar.
i'm more interested in Dries Van Noten clothes than his fragrances, specifically Fall/Winter 2014 menswear collection. But i will give these a try for sure

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