Clandestine's latest limited edition scent, Wendover, available from Saturday

Clandestine Laboratories are launching their fourth limited editon fragrance, Wendover, this Saturday, January 14 at noon EST. The new scent is inspired by the English countryside in the 1970s.

Perfumer and founder, Mark Sage says, "Wendover is a warm, smoky and fresh winter fragrance based on the smell of the English countryside in the 1970’s, back when everyone burned coal for heat. For people like myself who have memories of that time and place, or similar times and places, this is incredibly evocative. For those who don’t, it’s a combination of sweet-smoky, fresh-green-earthy, woody and mossy elements, powerful and lingering but also quite wearable."

The scent will be available from the Clandestine Laboratories website as 50ml and 100ml.
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The description above sounds nice, but doubt I will try it. Hoping to read comments/impressions from those who do though.

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