On Saturday, US-based Indie perfume house Clandestine Laboratories, released Orpheus which is available in a limited, unnumbered edition in two sizes.

Orpheus is described as an herbal, boozy and slightly smoky citrus-incense-tobacco fragrance, perfect for fall. The fragrance was originaly composed in 2013 by perfumer and house founder, Mark Sage, and completed more recently.

The scent features bitter orange, blood orange, bergamot, lemon, mate, spray paint, sage, ginger, frankincense, myrrh, tobacco, cedar, amber, white musks and subtle shadings of rose, carnation and tuberose.

Sage says "As with many earlier CL compositions, it’s complex enough that the individual notes blend seamlessly into the character of the fragrance, which leans traditionally masculine. It has proven very popular recently with those who have sampled it and samples have been available as choices in the Discovery Stash."

Orpheus is available now for a limited time from the Clandestine Laboratories website.