Chanel to hold fragrance exhibition at the Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris

Chanel are celebrating their fragrances in an exhibition entitled, Le Grand Numéro de Chanel. The event is being held at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris.
The Grand Palais Éphémère will house several interactive exhibits based on No. 5, Chance, Bleu de Chanel and the Exclusifs range.

No. 5​

Welcome to 1921. You will be traveling back in time to play the role of Ernest Beaux: a talented perfumer who has been asked by a very popular designer to create a fragrance that is «artificial like a dress.» During this immersive, multi-sensory experience, you will meet Gabrielle Chanel, who is patiently waiting to discover your work. She chooses the 5th sample you present to her and decides to name it after her favorite number. She, who presents her collections on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year, hopes this will bring it luck...
You will not only be participating in a reenactment: through virtual reality, you will be able to truly experience this moving, historic moment, the creation of N°5...


Like Gabrielle Chanel, who was determined to create a chance for herself, take your chance and use it to your advantage in the electric backstage atmosphere. Tread the boards of this cabaret, which serves as a reminder that, while singing on stage in Moulins around the year 1901, Gabrielle Chanel became Coco. Spin the wheel of fortune. The prizes are real, and your luck will never run out. Count on the 4 faces of CHANCE to mirror your own and make you feel incredibly alive.

Bleu de Chanel​

Is it 6 o’clock in the morning or 6 o’clock at night? Is the sun coming up or is the day drawing to a close? It takes you a moment to acclimate to the blue- hued twilight. Squint, listen, breathe... You are immersed in a multi-sensory world, floating through a city as you would float in the ocean. Peer into the windows of the buildings and skyscrapers as they come to life. What are they trying to tell you? Why does this music sound familiar? The lights in the sky... Where do they lead? Will you get lost, or find yourself? Use your senses to experience the world in BLEU. Trust them—they will help you gather clues that will grant you entry to a highly select speakeasy, where you can imbibe to your heart’s content to the sound of jazz and blues.


You are invited to the private view for a collection of 18 moving works of art, characters with strong personalities. Prepare to be amazed, and take a moment to complete the scent version of a Rorschach test in order to find your alter ego among the 18 LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL fragrances.
Evoking an idea, a character, each scent has a unique and unmatched hallmark. Every LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL fragrance is a surprise, one that inspires awe and emotion. Inimitable, they are full of mystery and elegance, luxury and daring.
The free exhibition runs from 15th December to 9th January, but tickets can be reserved now, from the official website.
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I would really like to attend the exclusifs, as it sounds like it would be very enjoyable.

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