Chanel add All-Over Sprays to Allure Homme line-up

Chanel has expanded the Allure Homme and Allure Homme Sport line to include All-Over Sprays.

Chanel say: "From the bathroom to the locker room, as a touch-up throughout the day or before heading out for the evening, the new Allure Homme all-over sprays are the perfect partners for men on the move. With their 100ml on the go format, they envelop the body in a fresh and invigorating mist infused with Japanese green citrus extract, an ingredient developed by CHANEL specifically to keep sensation of comfort on your skin.."


The fresh, spicy, woody scent of ALLURE HOMME, in a fresh and hydrating fragrance body spray. The invigorating freshness of bergamot heralds the clean, intense notes of vetiver. The warm notes of Tonka bean and cistus labdanum, heightened by black pepper from Madagascar, give it a sensual trail


The fresh, woody scent and aquatic notes of ALLURE HOMME SPORT, in a fresh and hydrating fragrance body spray. A composition that strikes a balance between freshness and sensuality. Italian mandarin heralds the clean and intense notes of a cedar accord. The sensual, almondy Tonka bean note, enhanced by white musk, creates a deep and enveloping trail.

Both products are available this month and in the UK retail for £65.
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I personally haven't tried these yet but the next time I'm out in the brick & mortar stores I will make sure I do. I'm curious to say the least.
I don't see any benefit for having this All Over Spray addition to the Allure Homme and Allure Homme Sport line. You applied the fragrance from the cologne bottle, why do you also need the All Over Spray?

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