Basenotes Weekend Crossword #8

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It's the weekend, so it's time for the Basenotes Perfume Crossword. You can either download and print a pdf or try it online at Answers next week.



1. Maker of Tweed
8. Keith Urban fragrance risen from the flames
9. Flanker of Givenchy's Xeryus
10. Damask species of rose named after location in Saudi Arabia
11. Type of angel
13. Halle Berry scent is getting nearer
14. Barcelona fragrance house
16. Star Trek fragrance named after the crew members that tend to get killed off
17. Common name of Louis Varel fragrances
19. Co-founder of Jovan
20. 2020 Flanker by Frank Voelkl
21. _________ Tokyo, Zara fragrances


1. Ralf Schwieger fragrance for Malle
2. Australian milliner with fragrance line
3. Discontinued Balenciaga men's scent, Ho ____
4. Unilever deodorant brand
5. Guerlain men's scent
6. The natural behaviour of David Beckham, Karen Low and Swiss Arabian Perfumery
7. Bond No. 9 fragance
12. Coty perfume which gave it's name to a fragrance family
15. Maxim's de Paris fragrance
18. Spanish water


Last week's Solution​

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