Basenotes Weekend Crossword #3

Here is the Weekend Basenotes Crossword for all you lovers of perfume and word puzzles. Solutions available next week.


1 Ralph Lauren fragrance named after the brands top-end line
7 French fragrance house founded in the 1700s
8 Attar with scent of rain on dry earth
9 Foul smell
10 Niche perfume brand founded by Jessica Dunne
12 KKW Scent
13 Old Arden fragrance
14 Sarah Baker has a gold one
16 Van Cleef Féerie has flanker named for this precious stone (in french)
18 One method of distillation
19 Angela Flanders fragrance or floral pattern


1 Lorenzo Villoresi fragrance
2 Je _______, famous Worth scent
3 1993 Alain Delon perfume
4 JPG's first men's fragrance
5 Prin Lomros's Zoologist animal
6 Nina Ricci fragrance
10 Could be de toilette or de parfum
11 Unexpected Coty fragrance
12 Common woody flanker name
15 Small-batch perfume maker from Canada
17 IFF perfumer, trained under Dominique Ropion


Last Week's Solution​

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