Basenotes Weekend Crossword #14

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It's the weekend, so it's time for the Basenotes Perfume Crossword. You can either download and print a pdf or try it online at Answers next week.



1 British perfume house founded in 1870
7 Bogart fragrance
9 House with Christopher Chong as creative director
10 Self-loving flower
12 1881 fragrance creator
14 1971 Atkinsons scent
15 Derek Jeter flanker


1 Givenchy Mathematical Flanker
2 Kenzo fragrance
3 Boadicea the Victorious fragrance
4 Teo Cabonel scent
5 Hatmaker with fragrance line previously made by Coty
6 UK version of 2006's Axe Clix body spray
8 British-Israeli artist who created a bottle for Kenzo
11 Humiecki & Graef scent
13 Revlon sub-brand fragrance


Last week's Solution​

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That was fun but unfortunately in most cases I had to look the answers up. Good way of adding to my fragrance knowledge though.

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