Basenotes Weekend Crossword #11

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It's the weekend, so it's time for the Basenotes Perfume Crossword. You can either download and print a pdf or try it online at Answers next week.



1. Perfumer of Jicky
3. Marc Jacobs men's scent
5. Where Harajuku Lovers' G lived in 2011
6. Perfumer
7. Gucci scent
8. Faberge men's fragrance
9. Roger & Gallet fragrance is not closed
11. Fire and ___ by Revlon
12. Very impressive Amouage scent
13. NYC Department store


1. Cosmetics and fragrance firm founded in California
2. The type of molecules that Geza Schoen deals in
3. Long-running perfume website
4. Tom Ford's Vetiver
8. Polo variant
10. French make up brand


Last week's Solution​

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