Basenotes Perfume Crossword #17

It's the weekend, so it's time for the Basenotes Perfume Crossword. You can either download and print a pdf or try it online at Answers next week.



1. Diptyque co-founder
8. Sixties Coty fragrance
9. Interparfums' recent sportwear license
11. A fragrance from Norway
12. Bay Rum Brand
16. Cacharel fragrance
17. Wood
21. Discontinued Yves Rocher scent
22. Paris Hilton fragrance
23. Founder of Parfumerie Generale


1. Olivia Giacobetti's circus themed scent
2. Perfumer of Organza and Very Irresistible
3. J del Pozo scent
4. ____ Amours, Jean Patou
5. Bond No.9 scent is North of Little Italy
6. 2003 Gianfranco Ferre fragrance
7. Classic Lentheric scent
10. Pierre Cardin fragrance
13. Canadian luxury luggage brand with scents
14. Balencaiaga men's scent
15. Discontinued Gillette fragrance has early start
18. Slumberhouse fragrance
19. Piguet scent
20. Henkel Soap brand


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