Ayala Moriel to launch new fragrance Orcas next month

Vancouver-based natural perfumer, Ayala Moriel is to launch Orcas - a new fragrance which according to Moriel is "inspired by the breathtaking scenery of the Wild Pacific Trail: a place where ocean meets forest and whales blow and sing above the stormy weather. Orcas perfume is an innovative all-natural marine woody, a unique combination of scents from sea and seashore. Brisk and pungent citrus and herbaceous notes suggest ocean breeze and tea-like clarity, and an array of oceanic treasures such as seaweed and ambergris meet seashore and rainforest notes"

Notes include: Ambergris, Angelica Root , Blue Spruce Absolute Clary Sage, Cypress, Egyptian Geranium Ginger, Lime, Rosemary Seaweed, Virginia Cedarwood.

Available from next month as a 15ml Eau de Parfum. The scent can be pre-ordered now from the Ayala Moriel website
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