Axe launch new range of "fine fragrace" body sprays - claim "better than Bleu de Chanel"

Unilever owned men's grooming brand, Axe, have launched a new range of body sprays, in what it calls the Fine Fragrance Collection. Axe say they are the "perfect hybrid between a Fine Fragrance and a deodorant. 2 in 1: It will have you smelling finer than the finest fragrances while neutralizing odor"

According to Axe, 73% of guys in a consumer study preferred their favorite tested AXE Fine Fragrance scent to Blue de Chanel.

The range consists of:

Aqua Bergamot - contains notes of bergamot, sage and juniper.
Blue Lavender - contains notes of lavender, mint and amber.
Golden Mango - contains notes of mango, mandarin and vetiver.
Green Geranium - contains notes of geranium, cedarwood and patchouli.
Pure Coconut - contains notes of coconut, eucalyptus and oak.

Unilever has collaborated with Ann Gottlieb to create the scents, which are avaialable now at the usual Axe stockists in the US. No word yet as when or if they will be also launched as Lynx in the UK and Australia.

As well as body sprays, the products are also available as deodorant stick and body wash.
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I saw a couple of the body washes for these scents in CVS the other day, "Aqua Bergamot" and "Golden Mango". They smelled rather nice, and they were in different bottles than the usual Axe body wash bottles. I think this is Axe responding to a trend in men's personal care to pay a little more attention to the actual scent notes and even release inexpensive EDT fragrances. I think some smaller brands like Cremo, Goodfellow, or Method have been advancing this trend, and if you look on regular Axe or Old Spice bottles now they actually mention one or two scent notes. There could also be a trend that more men are wearing cologne as a daily thing, so Axe is finding itself in competition with fancier cologne brands.
I think that sums up the success and impact Bleu has had. It has become a literal reference in an ad for a major brand like Axe. Crazy.
I’m sure their focus group was made up of 16 years old males that claimed it was better than Chanel. 😂

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