Arnott's create limited edition Tim Tam eau de parfum

Australia's favourite biscuit, the Tim Tam, is being celebrated in a limited edition eau de parfum.

Launched to celebrate National Tim Tam day on 16th February, the fragrance contains notes of bergamot, caramel, chocolate, Australian sandalwood and tonka.

The company say: "Immerse yourself in the alluring aroma of a Tim Tam biscuit with our limited-edition Tim Tam inspired Eau de Parfum. Pre-order this exclusive 30ml scent that features real cocoa and delicious notes of caramel and tonka bean. Our Tim Tam inspired perfume will turn heads whenever you enter the room."

The scent was launched as a pre-order yesterday and has already sold out, though keep an eye on the website in case they produce some more.
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I remember trying this biscuit when I was in Australia and really enjoted the taste. A fragrance that would smell like that would be interesting to try. I imagine it will only sell locally.
I picked up some of these cookies to try. Not bad. I'd never noticed them before this post, and there they were in the store. They're sort of like Kit Kat.
Just seen this now, the original Tim Tam is good but the Dark and Double Coat versions in the Classic range are better! And, there is the Moreton Bay Raspberry and Dark Choc version in the Crafted Collection range - so yummy!

Just had a look of the website, it's still listed as sold out.

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