Apoteker Tepe to return

Artisan perfume brand, Apoteker Tepe was founded in 2014 by perfumer Holladay Saltz. Sadly after launching some well-loved, and well-received perfumes the brand ceased to be in around 2018.

Fans of fragrances such as After the Flood and The Holy Mountain are in for a treat, as the brand and line is being relaunched by Nicholas Nilsson of Pineward Perfumes.

The perfumes from the Apoteker Tepe line will be revived and offered as their own Apoteker Tepe collection on the Pineward website with their own original formulas.

Nilsson says, "This whole venture actually started out by my asking Holladay if she'd be willing to sell me the formulas for just Holy Mountain and Brother Night. She got back to me and quoted some very reasonable prices for them, and after I had purchased just these two and mixed up some test batches I was really excited by the idea of an Apoteker revival and asked her about purchasing the rest of the line along with the IP/branding. She again quoted me a very reasonable price for the rest, so I happily took her up on it and am now super psyched about bringing these back"

The perfumes that will be offered as part of this collection:
  • After the Flood
  • Anabasis
  • Brother Night
  • The Holy Mountain
  • Karasu
  • Pale Fire
  • The Peradum

More information about this special collection will be forthcoming, but it will be a permanent addition to the line and the expected date of release will be in late Spring.
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I wasn't aware that this house had such a short run upon their initial launch of four years. Interesting how the relaunch came about. Seems like it was a very lucrative business deal with all sides happy.
Very cool. I always thought it was unfortunate that the brand folded right as it was receiving its widest visibility and praise via Turin and Sanchez's 2018 Perfumes Guide.
This is amazing news! I will come out of perfume retirement to buy several of these. I had decants of three of their originals that I managed to dig up after they went out of business, and they were striking and world class.
Such exciting news, I have missed After the Flood and Anabasis dearly so can't wait to put my nose on them again!

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