Angela Flanders adds Leather Rosa to collection

London-based perfumery, Angela Flanders, has added new fragrance, Leather Rosa to its collection.

Kate Evans, perfumer and daughter of founder, Angela Flanders, says that "I was inspired by the idea of Leather, the way that the skin enfolds us and protects us against the elements. I wanted to work with smoky, tobacco notes of precious woods and oudhs. Dry and rugged to start with, rather more masculine in a way, but that warm on the skin and transform into a much softer and enveloping, comforting and strong yet sensual scent."

"We're also known for our strong offering of wonderful rose perfumes, created by Angela, and so the idea of working with these two iconic notes and using rose to soften and add a mellow texture to the rugged oudh evolved."

The Atelier Collection is a new series of perfumes inspired by the legacy passed onto Kate by her mother, "our shared history and love of fabrics and textures interpreted in fragrance, and represents a living tribute to a remarkable woman and a new journey for our perfume house"

Additional notes include amber and raspberry.

Leather Rosa is available now at the Angela Flanders website and the two London stores.
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Don't have recalled seeing her fragrances available in the States but could be wrong. Not familiar with the house.

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