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If you’re one of those cool people that still uses an RSS reader to catch up on the latest news and articles on various websites, you’ll be pleased to know we offer a bunch of feeds to satisfy your RSS needs.

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What is RSS?

RSS is a web feed format used to publish and distribute frequently updated content, such as articles, blog posts, news headlines, and podcasts. Users can subscribe to their favorite websites and receive updates automatically without having to visit each site individually.

To access RSS feeds, you need an RSS reader. An RSS collects all the RSS feeds you subscribe to and presents them to you in a single, convenient place. Instead of you going to different websites, the RSS reader brings all the new content to you.

Unlike social networks, RSS is all about content delivery. Social networks focus on user-generated content, conversations, and engagement, often distracting you with unrelated posts, advertisements, and algorithmic feeds. RSS keeps the focus on the content you want to see, without any noise or distractions. It empowers you to choose what sources you want to follow and receive updates from, without having to deal with irrelevant content.